On September 26, Beijing time, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao coach Cannavaro and player Deng Hanwen attended the pre-match press conference against Dalian.


Regarding the preparations for this game, I gave the players a day off yesterday. The players took a day off regardless of whether they played or not. They will start training today. We played a rainy battle before, which consumed a lot of players. In addition, we did a good job of running in the first stage, so it was near the end of the game, and there was no surprise increase. The players achieved this result this year, and I am still very satisfied. I think the driving force of both sides in tomorrow's game may not be very exciting. Of course, there will be fans entering tomorrow. This is a good phenomenon. This is an advantage for the opponent, but I believe that my team, whether it is about to leave Dalian or end the schedule, they will be 100% involved. In the game. I also hope that the first stage of the game will end in victory.


This experience is a situation that has never been encountered before, and the time is acceptable, but more than one team is closed in the hotel and cannot move freely. It is difficult to get through this day. I have never told you about this. I have changed a lot. From the first day to now, I have been very strict and demanding on them. I am afraid that the team members will loosen up if they relax a little bit in this environment. Going back to the football level, we lost some points in some games, but overall there was no loss of control and no resistance. Another point is that during this period of time, what shocked me the most was that in addition to cooperating with my work, every player showed their desire for the game. This enthusiasm shocked me.


The growth of young players requires a certain cycle, and it cannot be said that everyone is the same. Some people are extremely talented and have a clear understanding of tactical intentions. It may only take a week and one game. We played a lot of young players last year and won the league championship. But I also agree with the approach of the Dalian people and coach Benitez. It is really difficult. It was so difficult at the beginning of the season. Up to now, I think the other side's work is still very good. This is also through the game to find and correct problems, and their bench thickness has also been strengthened, can see the head coach's thinking. I think their results are acceptable. We often talk about young people. In fact, some young people are ready, some people are not ready, even in training, so such players don't give him opportunities, but instead they hurt him.


This is a lot of positive things. On the one hand, the job is affirmed, and on the other hand, problems are found. However, the competition system of the second stage is different. The specific situation is still not clear. The most important thing is that after the end of tomorrow night, everything in the first stage will be zero.