As we all know, this year's Super League is very fierce and cruel. Because of the epidemic, the league was postponed for 5 months, so it was changed to a tournament system. The biggest feature of the tournament system is its cruelty. The results of one or two games may affect the results of the entire season. So our team didn't dare to slacken in the slightest, and they all showed their own housekeeping skills, fighting to the end in every game. So this year's Super League has become exceptionally exciting.


Especially in the first stage in the competition for the top four, each team was struggling to survive, and the game was particularly tragic. But the second stage is even more cruel, because after being divided into the championship and relegation group, the team will have a two-round elimination system. Each game will determine the fate of the team. A slight difference is either missed the championship or missed the relegation. It is precisely because of the emphasis on the game that the team and the players are very true to every ball. This puts a lot of pressure on referees who enforce the law, because a wrong judgment or missed judgment will affect the fate of a team.


However, what you are afraid of will come. There was a huge controversy and penalty in the first elimination round of the second-stage championship group. The two sides of the match were Shandong Luneng and Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, who are similar in strength and enemies. The two teams have played too much in the league and the FA Cup in the past two years, and they know each other and compete with each other. Beijing Zhonghe Guoan is better than Shandong Luneng in terms of staffing, and Shandong Luneng seems to have found a way to restrain the national security, so it has an advantage in history. In addition, this is a knockout game and you will be able to enter the semi-finals and hope to compete for the championship. Those who lose not only miss the championship, and even the AFC Champions League places can only rely on the more difficult FA Cup. So this game is a strong dialogue between Mars and the earth.


This game should have been a strong dialogue of the highest level in the Super League, but unfortunately something went wrong in the course of the game, which not only affected the excitement of the game, but also shifted the focus of attention. That was when Luneng 2:0 in the first half, the referee Shen Yinhao at the beginning of the second half awarded Beijing Zhonghe Guoan a highly controversial penalty. After the game, the media and fans looked through a magnifying glass and did not fully determine the foul in the penalty area. However, it was this one ball that reversed the situation of the whole game, Guoan regained confidence and eventually tied the score. And such a result is obviously unacceptable. After the game, the fans who were too aggressive even checked the referee Shen Yinhao's thesis and then reported it to Tongji University where Shen Yinhao worked.


And soon Tongji University also publicly responded and said it was reviewing the matter. And because of the need to cooperate with the school's review, Shen Yinhao also left the competition area on October 21 and returned to school. For a time, rumors about Shen Yinhao continued. Among them, the "Chongqing Morning News" revealed that Shen Yinhao may be dismissed from Tongji University. He is currently serving as the deputy dean of the International Football Academy at Tongji University.


It can be said that when this news was received, many Luneng fans seemed to have a sense of relief. But it is not a good thing for the Luneng team, because after the paper time, Luneng encountered controversial penalties in two consecutive games. Not only lost the chance to compete for the championship, but also difficult to compete for 5. So this also caused dissatisfaction with the referee from clubs, players and fans. However, the third game disputed the penalty, the Football Association responded quickly, believing that it was a misjudgment, which proved Luneng's grievances and gave Luneng an explanation.


But soon in the 28th game, the disputed penalty was awarded in the first game and Shen Yinhao, the person involved in the thesis, returned to the competition after 7 days, and he also enforced the first relegation battle between Shenzhen Kaisa and Shijiazhuang Yongchang as the fourth official. round. That is, although Shen Yinhao's thesis had no results, the Football Association chose to give him a chance and give him enough trust. The authoritative media "Beijing Youth Daily" also released its own views, which objectively shows that the current local outstanding referees are generally scarce. When the competition in various groups of the Super League has entered a critical period, international referees like Shen Yinhao are still referees trusted by the Chinese Football Association.


In fact, Beiqing's analysis is not unreasonable. Although we all think that the Super League has money, the Super League has made great progress, both in terms of hardware and software. However, there are still many places in Chinese football that are lagging behind, such as our referees, our management, etc., so as the overall progress of the league, we must improve in the backward areas. And this incident also reminded us that if Chinese football wants to improve, it must be comprehensively improved. How do you think of this? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!